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Pain Management

Get rid of all your pain naturally. Electrotherapy is one of the efficient way to get relief from chronic pain.



Get faster Recovery from Physitherapy. Re-awaken your muscle connection



Make yourself more stronger. Enhance your muscle strength, fitness and endurance.



Style your body. Watch your belly go flat naturally.


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What Doctors Say

I am a Physiotherapist running my own clinic.I am having more than 30 products from Johari Digital.With their electrotherapy devices, we are helping 700 people daily.
Dr. Piyush Trivedi, Founder of Medinova Poly Clinic
I am an Orthopedic Doctor.I am using Johari devices from past 5 years.The devices are best solution for my patients who were suffering from chronic pain from years.
Dr. Gerd Mueller, Chairman @ AktivOrtho

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5 things you should know about physiotherapy

From breaks to bruises, Electrotherapy is a treatment for assessing the human body and helping restore it back to optimal performance. Electrotherapy, unfortunately has horror stories abound. Ironically, one of the goals of physical therapy is the reduction of pain. Here are five things to keep in mind to get the basic information about electrotherapy.

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Product Highlight

Latest Technology in physiotherapy and pain management at your finger tip.

WinStim is a clinical combination therapy of Ultrasound & Electrotherapy with easy user interface and versatility to treat different body areas simultaneously. This aesthetically designed clinical model is light weight, small in size, and is battery powered.

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CE Clearance for BLD Stim3

BLD Stim3, first portable to combine the most forms of electrotherapy inside an doutside of the clinic, has now been CE cleared.

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